Amber Hawken is a Powerful and Engaging Speaker Who Navigates Audiences Through Change With Her Excellence in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Philosophy.

Empowering people the cultivate inner resilience, fulfillment and purposeful states of peak performance.


Amber can be booked as an MC, Keynote or Guest Speaker.

The beauty of teaching personal empowerment, wellness and authenticity is that it is applicable to any industry and business that has the desire to align and thrive as a successful community. 

Amber is known as an influencer of influencers amongst the community of entrepreneurs and personal development speakers with a ‘walk the talk’ attitude, grace and flow of her talks and trainings.

AmberRecent Experience Examples

Amber's combined professional practice, studies and personal experience in medical science, human behavioural, emotional and repatterning therapies, and spiritual philosophy allow for a breadth and depth of topic understanding in everything she speaks on. Amber is an engaging speaker, with a cheeky sense of humour and lightness who has vast experience in different settings ranging from a few thousand to 10 people events and retreats. Amber is regularly featured on podcasts and online forums around the world. 

P.S. If you want Amber at your event, be prepared for the audience to laugh, cry and get out of their seats a few times.


Her three main areas of speaking include (but are not exclusive to):

Cultivating Resilience Through Mental and Emotional Awareness

Accessing Bliss and Peak Performance Through Consciousness and Flow

Understanding Fulfillment (happiness and inner peace) Through Purpose and Self Connection

Recent events:


Leadership Keynote at Australian Women's Defence Speaker Series

Keynote Speaker at Women In Business Ripples Charity Ball 

RAAF Defence Force Squadron Training Development

Keynote REIQ Realestate Conference

On Butterfly Wings School Teachers Conference - "Mindfulus"

Keynote at Overfed and Undernourished Film Launch Queensland

Guest Speaker at We Are Podcast 2016 and 2017

Real Food Revolution 2015 & 2016

Utopia Women’s Wellness 

Zone Transformation Centre, Mindset Expert

RAW Chiropractic Event 2015 & 2016

The Merrymaker Sister Get Merry Challenge, Guest Mindset Expert


Lu Lu Lemon PD

Body Brilliant Guest Expert

Bonfire Health 30 Day Breakthrough Event

Lorna Jane Active Living Room x 5 Events

Bloom Wellness Retreat

Pinnacle Empowerment Retreat

The Coaching Institute Guest Speaker

Pinnacle Empowerment Abundance Presenter

Lifetime Wellness and Success Automation events Presenter

Tamblyn Modelling Agency and much more

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    The proof is in the pudding

    Amber is one of the most engaging, motivational, genuine and relatable speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her confidence and extreme passion for all things empowerment, health and fitness is truly admirable and inspirational. She is an exquisite keynote speaker who delivers above and beyond the audiences expectations leaving them inspired and prepped for major action and transformation.

     Marnell van Tellingen, National Lorna Jane Events Co-ordinator & Director, Lorna Jane


    Amber has an incredible gift in public speaking & mentorship. She not only understands human behaviour in a fun and engaging way which she passionately and effectively communicates that knowledge, she also gives us the tools to be able to apply this into our lives so we can be our best mentally and physically.

    Emily Skye, Public Figure and Health and Fitness Ambassador