35 | Erika Cramer | The Raw Truth of Confidence, Purpose & Power | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Be patient, love. 

If you’d like to bloom, you must first be willing to be buried. 

Sit in the mud, let it wash over you, let the tears wash you clean, step into the freedom of your pain and let it cleanse you of blame and then, watch your confidence rise up and present itself love. 

After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, near-death experiences, breaking her back and being widowed, Erika Cramer found herself drowning in pain and sadness trying to numb everything she had been through. These life changing experiences finally lead her to life coaching where she went on a deep path to personal growth and healing. As a confidence coach she is here to guide women to living a life where they seek progress, not perfection. She is taking a bold stand for women owning their throne and reclaiming their confidence.

What I loved most about this episode is that Erika wanted to lick my face and I wanted to lick hers.

Translation: We vibed, and these kinds of conversations are full of flow, soul, insight and deep transformation for listenings. 

We touched on:

  • How patience and perseverance through the rough shit is where confidence is learnt and cultivated. 
  • If you dont choose to connect with others through transparency and honesty, you will feel more alone and helpless, and will stunt your expansion and burry your esteem. 
  • Trust in self and life is built by committing to doing the work, and then acting on it. 
  • Ownership of your experience should not be as simple as a Pinterest quote on a wall;  it’s about deep healing, purging and profound insight that comes from all of the above. 
  • Responsibility is not bypassing; you cannot be grateful and use your painful experiences until you’ve transcended the hurt and victim mentality. 
  • Purpose through hardship and experience is the result of first becoming uncomfortable and then choosing, with an attitude of oneness, to share, teach and support others. 

It is deeply delicious and it’s going to rock your mind and heart. Listen to the episode here:

You can find more of Erika here:

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I got so excited that I forgot the challenge questions SO, I’m going to make one for you. 

Go and read, “Loving What Is”, by Byron Katie. I’m dead serious, it’s a wicked and essential read to accelerating self reflection and self awareness. It’s also very freeing. 

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