Why Energy Is More Important Than Action | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT


‘Oh, fu#k! The crescendo is here.

Sooner than expected.

Later than required.

Perfectly on time. 

A frequency that has catapulted us into a junction point.

To align with nature or be wiped out by it.⠀⠀

A collective dark night of the soul;⠀

*La noche oscura del alma*⠀⠀

Perhaps, this dark night could be more accurately described as the meeting of two immense storm fronts, the vulnerable edge between what overwhelms us as human beings from the inside; 

and what overpowers us from the outside (David Whyte inspired this line).

It is often painful and confusing at times.⠀

A kind of confusion that can also be fruitful.⠀

Used to lift us up and out of predicaments created through ignorance. ⠀

Bringing through a more resourceful, insightful and wiser us than ever.⠀

This is it now. ⠀

What we are here to be with. ⠀

To dance with.⠀

To lean into. ⠀

Then sit calmly in, completely still⠀

And at ease. ⠀

No panic amidst the pain. ⠀

Gently watching. ⠀

Effortlessly being.⠀

In the eye of the storm.⠀

Remaining in the heart.⠀

Until the stillness within balances, what’s without.⠀

And you notice the ⠀

impermanent essence that you are. ⠀

This is our daily now; ⠀


Listening without our ears. ⠀

Feeling without our hands. ⠀

Knowing without our minds. ⠀

Sensing without our bodies. ⠀

Loving beyond the idea of you and me.⠀

Fewer fucks given to righteousness.⠀

More given toward unity. ⠀


Energy is now our currency. ⠀


So before you act, check in.

Where are you, really?

Head or heart?

Force or flow?

Fear or scarcity?

Action without energetic adjustment only perpetuates that which we were acting upon.

Energy before action collapses effort, trusts in flow and gives rise to a life of integrity. 

This new norm is not only foreign, but it also terrifies the part of us that relied on the old paradigms of control and force. 

So let’s reorganise our views.⠀

Which will result in a reorganisation of ourselves in more inclusive ways, ⠀

embracing and integrating that which has previously laid dormant/unconscious.⠀

Ready to be awakened and made whole again. 

So we can return back to the natural rhythm of life itself.’

Reference: “Dark Night of the Soul (Noche oscura del alma), by St. John of the Cross 

With love,


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