How To Unlock An Empowered State Of Mind | Meditation | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

I am a little freaky; I get tingly when diving into the parts of people’s hearts, minds and emotions that they’ve been either too afraid to explore didn’t even know existed to help them regress, release and reframe the way they see ‘limits’ and turn them into opportunities.

At it’s core, the practices of mindfulness and meditation are grateful into the subconscious; a way we can begin to peel back our own layers ourselves and train our mind to work for us.

That’s why it is the bread and butter teaching. Not having these practices is like wanting to score a point without knowing how to dribble to the goal. They cultivate spaciousness between self and thought (so you don’t get so twisted in rumination and lost in thinking), increase the connection to your vital energy and increase the tolerance of our nervous system for a state of calm.

What continues to blow me away is how powerful a simple twelve minute meditation can be for shifting your whole perspective.

A perspective that results in making a new decision, acting on your free will, creating a new empowering meaning and ultimately, bring you back to what’s real: whatever we focus on.

This is the magnificence of a well trained empowered mind. Enjoy this morning meditation that will guide you to do just that!

Listen to the Empowered Mindset audio here

One that can move with the impermanence and flow of everything, consciously direct our energy and well, do anything you pretty much want it to!

It’s a Bonus audio from the Calm Mind Program for everyday people that teaches, resilience, meditation and self awarness. Enjoy!



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