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Bare Naked Bravery

Emily Anne Peterson is the kind of woman that people make movies about.

Emily is a bravery expert.

Her life is jaw dropping. Well, more correctly, the way she chooses to live it is. The way she has dealt with one of the most confronting experiences that one could face; having (what seemed like her entire purpose) stripped from her. The woman also did a TEDx talk. Another reason why she is my hero.

She was once a full-time cellist and cello teacher. But in December of 2013, she was diagnosed with a degenerative, hereditary, neurological tremor in her right hand, her bow hand.

She called it her other biological clock.

As you can imagine, it was shattering news for her. Of course, she handled it like a boss.

And this is exactly why you need to listen to this episode. There comes a time in all our lives where we are faced with a make or break moment.

We learn so much from how Emily managed to overcome, not only an eating disorder, but a tremor that brought her dreams (at the time) to a halt.

My fav take aways in this episode:

- What to do when life falls apart

- Where to go from rock bottom and the slow but simple journey out of darkness

- It's okay to not be okay, for more than a few days, even months

- How bravery and courage aren't how to sound

- How to recovery and still work through the impulses and battle of an eating dis-order

- How to be brave and courageous, no matter what

- How to turn your devastations into life transformation

- How our life purpose is fluid

- That break downs are breakthroughs, and how to do the work (yes we must work) to get through

- What vulnerability, bravery and courage have to do with being an artist (of your life) and that there is no other way

So yeah, it was amazing. Enjoy and please, connect with Em and let us know what you thought my rating this episode and leaving us a comment about how it helped you!

Love love love, 

Emily has an incredible Podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, and we totally shared wine and mimosa's and backed up interviewing each other. All the links to her goodness are below

Bare Naked Bravery

Emily Ann Peterson

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