Embodied Feeling Without Story | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | Video Blog

Do you get attached to why do you what you do?…

There are three essential pieces to transitioning from where you are (and don’t want to be) to where you want to go. 

There’s a stickiness to the part where we may realise why we ended up where we are now (and don’t wish to be).

Be that in patterns of passive-aggressiveness in relationships, disassociating when faced with affection, continuing to accept less than what we desire in wealth etc. 

And that’s when we unpack and backtrack the belief or behaviour to a moment in time or a person we modelled or perspective we chose about ourselves. 

That insight can become so validating and tangible that its story can reel us in and anchor us in old patterns. The power of feeling what you’re feeling right here and now in your body without the story and details cannot be underestimated.

While it’s beautiful at times to unpack our patterns, it’s also a stimulus for the part of us that likes to feel in control through understanding all the details.

Memory distorts over time and, most certainly, is not meant to define our position of self in the now. 

Hold your discoveries of yourself lightly in your hand and be willing to go deeper into the emotions that arise in the body and sensations that are moving through you. This is the portal. 

This is the key to transformation. 



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