How To Stop Blaming and Discover Your Worth | EP #43 | Stay Real With Amber | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

“Everyone is worthy. It is only the looker who perceives unworthiness and the unworthiness comes from the perceived unworthiness of the looker, never from the one who is looked at.” ~ Dan Keating

What would it feel like if we accepted who we are, right now, completely?

Would life change? A little? Or a lot?

A hellova lot! 

Think about it. What you believe about your worth, influences every decision you make (or don’t make). Who would we be if we just chose to realise that just by being born, we were enough, worthy and loveable?

This video was inspired by a sitting at a nail studio, listening to the story of a lady who was complaining about her partner, while at the same time, choosing to remain in a relationship with him.

There is a two letter word I am going to teach you in this video that will change your, forever. 

And note, I don’t know if anyone person could successfully say “I always feel worthy”, because our ego’s play a critical role in our growth and evolution so our doubts and insecurities will most likely still challenge us day to day.

But your quality of life, courage and self worth will explode, the moment you choose to stop listening to the bad ass negative voice in your head as if it was real.

After you watch, comment below what you are going to start saying no to as of right now!

Love, Ambz.

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