Play Hard To Get With Fear And Defeat It For Good | BU EP4 | Just Be You | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

Fear, it’s only a threat when we listen to it

Fear is so feared, and it shouldn't be.


It's our teacher.

Our leader.

Our guide, if used correctly.

In this video, I explain exactly how you can use fear instead of fear using/ruling you.

It's so simple, you will laugh. Maybe at my terrible acting, but even then, I am okay with that as long as you get the idea.



All I care about, is that you realise, you have a choice.

Because after that, everything changes. You can change anything you want, when you take control. Most of all, when you realise you have control.

Control over you mind, you feelings, everything. Even though it may not seem like it, we are always in charge. It takes practice, and patience an dedication to being mindful about the stories of our fears (and how they are exactly that, stories!).

Take solace in knowing, you are not alone with you fears. We all have them. Beyonce, David Attenborough and of course, me.

You've got this. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Remember, you have a choice and that fear is only there to help you strengthen you own mind and understanding of your power.

Now, go and use it!

Love, Ambz