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Breaking upper limits requires presence,

Today’s episode has four different facets of psychology and healing, explored through the life and profession of  Dan Kurlapski.

Whilst a physio in a ‘past’ life, Dan is an NLP(NeuroLinguisticProgramming) Master Practitioner and Trained in Integral Semantic Facilitation. In short – it involves work on how the language we use, both verbal and non-verbal, has a direct connection to the deepest parts of our sub-conscious, where all of our limitations, beliefs and potential to thrive take place.

From Arctic Leadership Wilderness Adventures to running Online Conscious Festivals week one of international lockdown, Dan has a plethora of experience and wisdom in using the very moments that can potentially break us, to stimulate and expand our personal potential.

Dan has travelled the world learning about meditation, developmental psychology, communication and human performance. He believes in connecting the human with their truest expression of self, building their capacity to serve the collective from a healthy, thriving state whilst having a regenerative impact on this planet.


Some of what we cover includes:

The necessity for a plan V the necessity for flow

The body is the gateway to presence

Surrendering in your body, not your mind

Balancing a healthy masculine drive

It’s not about mindset, its about openness

The drawbacks of ‘sticking to your guns’

Being open to opportunity is more important than knowing what’s next

The best plan is TRUST

Presence is the catalyst for creation

Resistance is what creates suffering

Listening is key to making the ‘right decision

Seeking distorts your ability to hear

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