42 | Courtney McNabb | Sacred Sovereignty Through Self Intimacy | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Imagine sourcing your sense of power and love from within, forever…

This episode is about how to use intimacy, with self and others, in order to move through pain, discomfort and resistance to create a life of fulfillment and truest expression as a sovereign being. 

Sovereignty in its most simple form is being self-governed. You are not swayed or lead by internal or external environments. You are the leader, the creator and the seer of your world and life, period.

Not only is this woman exceptionally fierce and an embodiment of love, but she is also a dear friend of mine who I’ve been energetically held by. I know the power of her insights and light and am delighted to share them with you all.

From Court,

“I’m Courtney McNabb. I’m a women’s Empowerment Coach and Feminine Energy Re-patterning Trainer touring the world activating women in their fierce feminine power.

Between and during global ventures, I work with female spiritual leaders and seekers across the globe. My mission is to activate an unshakable internal world and to align high-vibrational energetic behavioral patterns with sacred purpose. I help women dissolve wounded stories which keep them feeling scarce, stuck, and limited.

My home base in Denver, Colorado, where I love creating community and drinking oat milk lattes. I specialize in Sovereignty and the Sacred Feminine, love plant dancing to gangster rap and adventuring the mountains with my boyfriend and baby sister.”

The bottom line of the interview explores the following (and then some):

    • What does sovereignty mean?
    • How your thoughts, actions, mess are yours..and then what’s beyond that,
    • Moving beyond our personality structure,
    • Free will and how to exercise your power of choice,
    • Burning the pushing paradigm,
    • Holding yourself and landing in your body when we are re writing codes in our consciousness,
    • The work is invisible and where our invitation is,
    • The rejection of ‘trust’ is the old masculine..and something to embrace,
    • Knowing your kingdom to govern it,
    • Understanding we have operated from the wounded feminine and what it takes to shift that,
    • Grieving adjustments as a man to embracing the feminine energy,
    • The key to unlocking the leverage of connection and surrender to source and flow,
    • Noticing the wounded masculine and feminine within and how do the divine versions interplay,
    • Integrating all four parts of our divinity into one,
    • Trusting ideas, inspirations and goals as a GUIDE to your life not a ‘pipe dream’,
    • How we are fearing the divine love of the feminine which is the opposing force magnetic to the patriarchy..which is what we are dissolving,
    • How to release analysis, paralysis, control and judgment through this work, and
    • Allowing this all to be simple, releasing control and contraction and order to own your true power.

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