22 | Connor Beaton | Empowering The Masculine + Feminine Within Us All | Just Be You Podcast with Amber Hawken

Embracing the Masculine + Feminine for a fulfilling + successful life

Today’s guest, Connor Beaton, is the Founder of ManTalks, an international organisation focused on men’s personal and professional development. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur and keynote speaker. A former Market Manager for Apple, Connor learned about business from some of the best in business. He hosts The ManTalks Podcast, which is a top podcast focused on building better relationships, wealth, businesses and mindset, and he has spoken on stages around North America with people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes and Danielle LaPorte.

Today we dive into a much needed discussion about masculine and feminine energies and how embracing both leads us to a fulfilling and successful life.

Have you ever wondered why strong women seem to “drive” men away? Or why men are “afraid” to feel their emotions? Have you ever questioned whether you might be stereotypically defying the odds of what it is to be a man or a woman? Have you ever felt intimacy in relationships disconnect even though you still “love” your partner? What about wondering how to understand our anger, channel emotions, hold space as a man, open up as a woman and then flip this all upside down and inside out with each gender?

If so, then this is your interview.

Connor Beaton was a blast of a human to interview. He is raw, real, direct, poignant and experienced in all of the above. AND we also get a sneaky insight into the message behind not being able to, ah-hem, get it up…

Here’s why I know you will love this interview. We discuss:

  • Understanding masculine and feminine energies are not male and female dependant – we have both and need to embrace balance
  • Paradoxically understanding the need to create polarity within relationships to keep the attraction alive
  • Understanding how as a “powerful woman (or natural dominating feminine energy)” you can destroy intimacy without understanding how to come back into your feminine
  • How the masculine can overcome performance issues
  • Practical tools to step into the masculine for the feminine and vice versa
  • Getting in touch with your masculine in a healthy way as a female and being in your power without losing your grace
  • Getting in touch with your feminine in a healthy way as a male and reaching your potential and strength
  • How to “hold space” as a masculine
  • What we can do as a dominant masculine or naturally dominant feminine to connect with people and partners in relationships
  • The classic conflicts between the two energies
  • Understanding want and need, neediness and being needed and what is healthy and attractive
  • Discovering purpose and fire inside of yourself, not outside of yourself


For us to be fully expressed, we need to embody both our masculine + feminine energies

This conversation was on fire. I loved it and Connor really provides such valuable tools and techniques so I know you will want more from him and ManTalks. Here is where you can find that:


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