Wicked, you are here.


Ahead are some questions that help us find some direction in our sessions and create some focus.


Heya legend. The answers to these questions will guide the focus of our sessions as far as outcomes based type sessions. It won't determine the tools I teach you, that is something that occurs very organically as we move through any barriers, fears or sabotage we discover along the way as well as my intuition, which pops in and then I will just throw concepts at you that I can see will help develop your growth and success int he area of focus. Note, as you grow and shed layers, and learn more about yourself, these will most likely change, at which point, we can adjust as we go!  The most important part is that you are open and honest. Do not over think it, feel the answers rather than attempt to get them 'right'. There is no wrong.

Please take your time, but most of all be open!