The Danger of Client-Coach Co-Dependance | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

Human beings thrive on connection..

I’ve done it, we all do it.

Telling our clients what they want to hear rather than support them in ways that would support their sovereign healing. We are all human beings.

Running a wellbeing, healing, holistic care, coaching or therapy business doesn’t exclude anyone from the desire for connection and the human fear of not being ‘enough’.

It’s no wonder that there are times where our own human ‘stuff’ plays out between practitioner/professional and patient/client.

There is no emotion more crushing for humans than shame.

If shame is not relatable, perhaps you might know the sense of feeling you’ve failed someone or at something? 

That is the feeling of shame. 

A niggling ache in the guts or tightness in the chest that you’re worth/value is not inherent and that what you do or how you are received by others otherwise dictates or indicates this worth/value.

What I am saying is: it’s important to be mindful that we don’t let our own unresolved need to be validated externally or loved by others, leak into doubting what we know would be of service, or else we create co-dependencies instead of healing environments and empowered people.

In this video I speak about:

– Learning to trust in your own medicine


– Creating and holding a space for your client to grow rather than giving them “the answers”

– Directing your clients inward to seek what they need rather than spending on a coach.

Once you watch, I’d like to know of any ‘aha’ moments you had. Comment below and let me know.



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