Making Change A Piece of Cake| Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

What would it change if change was easy?

This training is priceless and one of my favourite pieces that I made in 2020.

Originally, I made it for my SuperCharged program.

It’s so relevant to ‘new beginning’s, that I thought it perfect to close this year and enter into a new one with. Here goes…

There is a hard and an easy way to get what we want.

The hard way includes a load of mental struggle and emotional entanglement, making ourselves wrong and fighting to hard to move away from pain.

This way involves rules about life, borrowed beliefs from our ancestors and pain created paradigms that keep us looping in sabotage. When we do it the hard way, change feels, well, hard.

The easy way is coming from a place inside, inspired and peaceful guiding us towards our desires that we trust because we feel alive and expansive when we think of them.
My friend, Hayley Carr says, “your desires are meant for you”.

This way doesn’t fall blind the to limitations of our neurological wiring nor does it ask you to be ‘ready’.
This way, change feels easy and normal.

Take a listen to the training below and you’ll appreciate what I am saying here.

Steps that I outline in the training  are:

  1. Identify the limiting thought (don’t get caught up in trying to perfect it, make it simple).
  2. Reframe it so your mind can see, the current reality is just ONE way to see things right now.
  3. Get clear – what’s the new belief/reality?
  4. Take a teeny, tiny action in alignment with the new belief.
  5. Keep believing it, living/seeing/feeling/breathing/feeling/thinking that way.

Listen here.

BONUS Challenge: choose something you want to have, feel, create or do in 2021 and write down the ripple effect of having created that. See yourself THERE, notice how you feel. Now, each day, practice getting yourself into that space.

The concepts in this training are ageless. I’ve been teaching, using and experiencing them in different variations since learning about NLP, behavioural therapy and vibrational healing since 2013.

In my SuperCharge program, I credit any of my teachers I learned from or refer to throughout the pieces of training, at the beginning of the program. So I have provided a list below for those relevant to this training.

The teacher’s who influenced the creation of this work include Beanie Tompkins (emotional alignment), Sharon Pearson, NLP master (choice, torchlight example and 7-5 chunks, re-framing and re-choosing), Abraham Hicks books (vibrational teachings)and Hayley Carr (money affirmations I used and ‘desires are meant for you’ statement’).

See you in 2021, loves. Thanks for hanging out.


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