Thank You

Thank you for joining us.

Congratulations, we are honoured that you have chosen to join us for the next Breathy Odyssey.

BELOW is a BONUS 10 minute breathwork practice that will calm your mind, balance your nervous system, regulate your emotions and optimise energetic production in the body.

First, please head to your inbox where we have sent your ticket information and important details about preparing for the journey on the day and integration after.

We would love to get you started with a recommended daily practice of coherence breathing leading up to the event. Save this link in your notes and, if you’re called, know that it is an excellent technique for recalibration, enhancement of focus, flow, presence, balance, clarity and energy in your life.

It will have these immediate benefits, but know that it is something that requires consistency for your body to remember and re-learn how to breathe this way each of your waking hours (except when talking, exercising and eating). This is how we are actually meant to breathe.

Overtime, the consistent daily practice of 10 minutes in the morning and evening you will discover:

~ The ability t activate flow state on demand.

~ Enhance creativity and innovation.

~ Increase heart rate variability to balance the nervous system.

~ Bring head and heart into coherence for enhanced EQ.

~ Calm the overthinking or anxious mind down immediately.

~ Enhance oxygen uptake in the body for optimal energy levels.

~ Increase REM sleep for significant gains in energy throughout the day.

~ Identify the difference between efficient and inefficient breathing.

And so much more.

Imagine your life if you lived from this energetic state, how would life be? Something to ponder.

This technique is guided by Brett Robinson, one of our co-facilitators who Amber and Ryan have been teaching beside for the last half decade.


Or if you prefer a female voice, here is Amber guiding you through the same practice >>>> AMBER COHERENCE BREATHWORK PRACTICE

If you have any questions, please email

Ryan, Amber and the Breath Odyssey crew