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Have You Ever Said To Yourself…

“I wish I could just be fit and skinny and love my body. I’m TIRED of the dieting, the endless battle in my head about what to eat, what not to eat, and feeling like I will never be enough”

“I know deep down that I am torturing myself and that this endless restriction and over exercise, always ending in a binge followed by beating myself for failing yet again, is not healthy physically, emotionally, or mentally. I wish that I could just stop but I don’t know how.”

“If only I could be happy and love myself completely, right now. Or if the weight would just vanish altogether, that would be great. Then I would finally be confident and feel happy.”

“If I looked like “that” *gestures to an insta-famous fitness model* I could just be myself, and the weight would be gone. Then I’d be enough.”

“Maybe I’m just going to yo-yo forever. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the body I want, feel worthy, or end this toxic relationship with food.”

You are not alone.

It is no secret that our society is obsessed with a “fit body” and food plays an enormous role in being both an escape and a controlled substance for people to try and attain the “ideal body” or numb the uncomfortable feelings about their weight and size (or for some, something a lot deeper). 

There are more 28 day shreds and insta famous models with “perfect figures” offering all the #fitlife formulas around now more than ever before. This makes it more and more difficult to turn to the mirror with a sense of love and confidence for your body and eat a meal without worrying about the calorie content.

Sadly, a lot of incredible beings with great potential struggle to feel worthy and enough and are being distracted by all the wrong things.

They’re scrambling to learn the latest get fit quick regimes and agonizing over what clothes hide their fat best and master that selfie angel to avoid ‘fat arm’.  

But have you noticed the results? Endless hours of comparison and criticism are driving you to under eat, over train, and restrict your food are not getting you the results that you want?

It’s a deadly trap that’s killing the joy and sucking the happiness from eating nourishing food, moving our bodies to stay healthy and strong, and creating a devastatingly normal negative relationship with our bodies. Here’s the truth that you need to know:

Regardless of whether you are struggling to give up the chocolate and cheese and love your natural rolls every other day or you are completely run by the obsession with food and losing weight, I created a masterclass will help you free yourself, from yourself.

You must learn how to get to the core of the problem and to go deeper than weight loss and food control to discover how to tap into the connection and inspiration available to you in every moment — Or you will be stuck on the self judge – do anything you can to lose weight – slip up and judge yourself all over again, roller coaster that is sucking the joy from your life.

Time and again I’ve seen the one thing that can crush an otherwise empowered and successful person is the lack of emotional awareness, mental empowerment, and overall self-connection.

I can’t stress this enough.

If you’re not seeing the results that you want from your self love affirmations, endless diets, and strict eating and exercise regimes, this master class is for you. By results, I don’t just mean physical, I’m talking about achieving a deep sense of emotional fulfillment and love within. If you want to look in the mirror and feel gratitude and freedom, you must learn how to work with your mind and emotions so you are no longer their servant.

You must go that extra mile inside and value self inquiry below the surface, the body, and the food habits to access a space of deep acceptance and worthiness to end this sabotage and transform your life entirely. 

Through this master class, you will begin living with a sense of knowingness and confidence in your words and decisions; decisions that don’t result in a fleeting sense of validation, instead leave you with a full body lightness, fearlessness, joy, and deep profound connection to who you are underneath this struggle. 

Sooner or later, anyone who fought this never ending battle comes to the same realisation:

Discipline, self connection, and emotional resilience are REQUIRED LIFE SKILLS if you want to let go of control, radiate with confidence, and find the happiness that you deserve.

I know this because the breakthrough work at this kind of level has guided over 1000 people to form a peaceful relationship with food, let go of comparison and judgment, and fall in love with the body they have. Not to mention, the empowerment flows into their life and spills into the cultivation of healthy and balanced relationships with food and exercise.

These people have been able to finally understand what drives destructive and emotional behaviour, how to masters of their emotions, positively direct their thoughts, and stop wasting their life chasing that “perfect body”. 

After seven years as personal trainer and five working in human psychology, I have used a combination of repatterning therapy, neuro linguistic programming, and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy to guide people to take an honest look at themselves and begin to align their life with their heart and use their head to take powerful action to achieve any goal. 

Here is the scary part;

Time and again I’ve seen the one thing that can crush an otherwise empowered and successful person is the lack of emotional awareness, mental empowerment, and overall self-connection.

My heart aches watching wonderful people sabotage over and over because they lack these fundamental skills.

Despite the new “every body is beautiful” movement rippling across social media, people are still unable to truly accept, love, and appreciate the body that they have, 10000%. We are still using food to try to fix our body. 

I stand by the knowingness that anyone is both capable of, and deserves to live with a sense of profound worthiness, love, and acceptance of their body and establish a healthy relationship with food.

This knowledge is exactly why I wanted to help. So, I sat down and extracted every tool that I’ve ever used to help people dissolve sabotage and break through to a place of inspiration and freedom within themselves and cultivate a healthy and empowered relationship with their body and food. 


The Body Image Breakthrough is an online masterclass designed to place you in the driver’s seat of your mind and emotions and fearlessly love and accept the body you have.

Find out how to secure a limited spot today.


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