33 Q’s That are Better Than Therapy | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

To be clear….

I believe in the power of therapy in all its variations and I advocate seeking support and guidance.

It’s healthy in the right dose and life-saving at the right time.

And yet, after nine years as a practitioner of multi-modality behavioural therapy. I know for certain that if you don’t have the basic understandings of self-care and emotional regulation covered (such as being able to regulate your CNS, and in turn the mind and emotions, through the breath), the progress and results you make in any variation of therapy will eventually crumble.

I am amidst unpacking this topic in an effort to educate and empower those engaged with or seeking support and prevent the loop of dependence with healing and therapy I see unfolding in the industry.

For now, here is a shortlist of 33 questions/prompts I listed out off the top of my head.

I trust you’ll relate, laugh and appreciate the simplicity of many of them

Others may be new to you, triggering in some way or downright confronting.

Take what lands and leave ther est.

Let us begin with the basics first.
  1. Are you hydrated? Drink (add lemon water for optimum uptake).
  2. Do you need to poop? Do you need to drink some water, sit in childs pose and then poop? Go poop. 
  3. Do you need a snack? Go eat. Preferably something that is directly from the earth.
  4. Do you need to take a few gentle, slow, light and even (5.5 seconds in and 5.5 seconds out) breaths into the belly? Do this as often as possible in your waking hours.
  5. Do you need to move your body?  Get your blood pumping. A pharmacy of endorphins awaits you.
  6. Are you habitually running on empty or close to it? Go to bed earlier. In fact, your sleep routine is essential and if it’s not prioritised, you’ll be chasing your tail with the rest of your wellbeing. It will catch up to you. 
  7. Cycle: Ladies, where are you in your cycle? Any chance it’s 3-5 days before your bleed? Take it easy, winter is an inward season for a reason so support yourself accordingly. 
Okay now a little deeper but still basic.
  1. Have you taken the time to sit with and allow yourself to deeply feel what you’re feeling? Do that.
  2. Are you making your emotions wrong? Stop it. 
  3. Are you making you wrong? Stop it.
  4. Are you making others wrong and you right? Stop it.
  5. Are you taking ownership of your life? Take ownership and see #3.
  6. Are you taking responsibility for someone else’s actions or feelings? Stop it, it’s called caretaking/enabling and it doesn’t help them. 
  7. Are you entertaining every thought that goes through your head? Don’t. 90% is useless repetition. Either focus on your breath or turn your attention towards where you want to go.
  8. Are you living or working in an environment that’s not conducive to your joy and abundance? Begin an exit strategy and action the first step today.
  9. Are you creating chaos by playing with negative thoughts? You don’t pull your faeces apart, do you? Stop it.
  10. Are you bypassing with *spiritual* practices? Be honest. See Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters if you aren’t sure. 
  11. Are you fighting or resisting life in some way and holding that in your body? Open, relax the body and let energy flow again.
  12. Do you often *remember* and ruminate on your pain and *problems*? Can you absolutely know it’s true, whatever is it that you’re fixated on in your mind? Ponder that for even a moment.
  13. Are you in a relationship that you’ve been waiting for to get better? And it hasn’t, and there is no current agreement or plan that is being actioned? Sure you can wait…at what cost? Is it worth it?
  14. Are you trying to fix what needs to be experienced? Surrender without agenda. The answers will come when they come.
  15. Do you have a daily practice of stillness and devotion to life/source? Begin now and never stop. This was bold, italicized and underlined for a reason.
  16. Do you tend to notice the presence of what you do have or the absence of what you don’t have? Mmmhhmm.
  17. Do you mentally script the best or worst case scenarios? Try the best, you’ve got nothing to lose except a melancholy attitude and vibration.
  18. When was the last time you orgasmed? Be it self served or received with a wide open heart? You know what to do…
  19. Are you working and then playing, or playing and then working? Play first, your life force is a leverage for the action you take when you’re SuperCharged. 
  20. Are you forgiving and letting things be imperfect or being rigid in righteousness? Bend in your mind else you’ll break in life.
  21. Are you withholding your truth? Express.
  22. Are you withholding love? Give.
  23. Are you withholding your gifts? Serve.
  24. Are you letting it be easy or are making it harder than it needs to be because, “That’s just how things are” or, “It’s only worth having if it was hard to get”?.
  25. Are you waiting for all the answers and details before beginning? Do only the very next step. You’ll know the next one, once you take the first one.
  26. And finally, are you caught up in trying to get comfortable when perhaps you just need to accept that this, right now, is it? 

I would love to know if you have any to add and or what one stood out the most to you. Comment below and let me know.


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2 Comments on “33 Q’s That are Better Than Therapy | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

  1. What are the benefits of orgasm? Would it benefit me by including more into my self care ?

  2. Are you entertaining every thought that goes through your head? Don’t. 90% is useless repetition. Either focus on your breath or turn your attention towards where you want to go.

    This made me blush guiltily, I must say most resonates with me and have made me stop and think. I think it’s time to stop fannying around with meditation and stillness and just bask in it.

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