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Change your energy change your life

Today's episode is for anyone who wants to master change at a deep level.
Belinda Davidson is an international speaker and author of Number 1 bestseller From Dark to Light. Her new book is a breath of fresh air. Her ability to simultaneously capture you in her life experiences and teach at the same time is rare and needed in our world. 
Belinda brings a practical wisdom to the world of energy and spiritual terms that can otherwise be misunderstood and therefore dismissed. 
Top topics and takeaways from today's episode:
  • How to change your energy and change your life
  • Life purpose and soul purpose
  • The ultimate key to a successful life learnt from over 20 years of working as an intuitive healer and coach for famous actors, CEO's
  • Chakras: what are they, where are they, why do they matter
  • The difference between being 'psychic' and being 'spiritual'
  • What does 'being spiritual' mean'
  • What white light is, how to create give and receive it
  • Protecting yourself from other peoples 'heavy stuff'
  • What to do if you feel different in this world; like you don't belong
  • Understanding how our heaviness can be passed down to children and the importance of working through it
  • Why we have darkness in our lives
  • How to make our chakras 'happy' 🙂
  • Belinda's greatest wisdom from her experience a medical intuitive for 20 years

Yeah - I know, right? Awesomeness. Here it is.

It's all about the energy

I believe we are in a world where there are mixed messages about who we are and what we are here for. 

This interview helps clarify paradox for the simple purpose of our life and complexity of the navigation. Overall, it gives such a powerful understanding of how to work through those harder moments and most of all, how to create an exceptional life through simple daily practices that focus on clearing yourself and bringing you and your energy into a clear and balanced space. 

Belinda's work can be further explored in the links below where you will find her social media, website and link to her book!



From Dark to Light

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