Why Being Important Is Not So Important | EP44 | Stay Real With Amber | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

This world is in a state of apparent ‘falling to pieces‘, at present.

However I believe that it’s also in a place where it’s critical to break away from the grips of thoughts that leave us feeling desperate, afraid and alone. And there has never been a better time to shed light on judgment within ourselves than right now.

Let’s start by looking at the judgment between our very ears, about our online neighbours.

We look left and right for inspiration for how to ‘do it right’.

And what do we see?

A big bloody show. Money, perfect bodies, cars, travel, men/women all with big cheesy grins and inspirational posts about how awesome they feel.

And what about you huh? You’ve barely dragged your sorry arse out of bed.

Let me tell you.

Honestly, you don’t want that, you’re just chasing the feeling you think it’s going to give you. 

We see Instagram accounts with corny img_6141-pngapparent inspirational quotes slapped in front of women with barbie figures or men with Ken Doll jaw lines, standing at their private jet with cash stash and new Ferrari. Oh an did I mention they look happy as pig in fucking mud.

Injection into brain = this shit = happiness.

And then in the same feed we have this second one.

Remedies for depression, at number 3; ‘making lots of cash’. Nice work guys, slip that one in between love , just under meditation, and next to fitness. Urgh. It makes me sick. 


We are a society of comparison junkies, and in our effort to smother our insecurities, created from this very act of looking over every body else’s grass and seeing how ‘green’ it appears, we are carving every action we take, with the fire of fear.

And on the same token, we are trying to adopt a ‘spiritual’ approach to life, not realising it’s just another layer of ego, just a little less obvious, seething for attention and acceptance.

Disclaimer: This is not a dig a multilevel marketing. The majority of they way these systems teach their teams to market products, highlights the destructive conditioning we can easily fall into around what success, happiness and worth are defined by, which essentially leads to the rise of deep insecurities and false facades.

It’s also not saying that having goals is wrong, or making money is wrong. Not at all.

The take away here is, stop exchanging your happiness for importance. You are selling yourself so very, very short.


Goals aren’t wrong.

Money isn’t wrong.

But when that’s the driving force behind your actions, chances are it will only end in emptiness and disappointment. In this episode, I’ll give you a solid one line mantra in this video to instantly combat the comparison demon

Your turn. Have you ever been sucked into comparison? How have you set a goal that when you made it there, it simply ended in ‘is this it’?

Loads of love,