What We Are Here For: An Ode To Being Human | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Dear one. Listen for a moment.

We’ve got the wrong idea about this life thing.

It’s not our job to arrive here and build a life that reflects a socially constructed version of success.

I know it’s what you’ve been told but it’s not true.

It’s not even our job to learn to master our so called ‘magic’. Nooope.

Magic IS us. It’s our home, it’s our before and our after – this whole blink-of-an-eye thing that we call life.

We came here to fall down and scrape knees.

To break hearts and have our heart broken.

To see that we are not as kind, nice and gentle as we would always like to be. We came here to discover our nastiness, our fears and our imperfections and sometimes even worry about them so much we make ourselves sick.

We came here to learn.

To cry ourselves to sleep sometimes.

To eat buckets of ice cream and get really drunk. To get lost and then found, over and over again.

To learn compassion and kindness, mostly towards ourselves. To feel the richness of life when we give outwardly.

And then… we came here to indulge until we are sick and then finally understand that the bright and shiny things in this life are the same things that blind us from the truth. (That our own uncontainable essence is much better and brighter than any ‘thing’).

We’re here to be messy, icky, dirty, smelly and shattered. And through the shattering, allow what is not real – the fear that constricts our greatness, and then let it go.

We’re here to be us, in all of our destructive human nature and infinitely expansive indestructible glory.

We have to allow life to fill us up through stillness and teach us through it’s beautiful chaos.

It’s not just one or the other. It’s not all meditation and no thinking. It’s not all analysis and no feeling.

It’s not all movement and no pause.

It’s not all mindfulness and no ignorant mistakes.

It’s not all spiritual and no humility through deep grounding.

It’s not all heart and no head.

It’s not all juice and no beer.

It’s not all truth and no lies.

It’s not all kindness and no cruel.

It’s absolutely never all success without failure.

Live wildly.

No rain, no flowers, yo.

Sounds all dandy and rebellious right?

It takes a lot of freakin’ courage to be human. Those chilled humble peeps who just do them, without trying to do them are my favs. They’re like a giant pile of carbs the morning after too many craft beers.

Fulfilling and grounding.

It’s effort without effort.

Being without forcing.

Living without expecting.

Working hard and letting go.

Determined but detached.

It’s precisely destructive open hearted risk taking for the sake of living.

Loving deeply.

Be consciously still in mind and slow in breath, often.

It’s taking massive, enormous, heart opening risks.

Being respectful but unafraid.

It’s not requesting permission to be you, whatever that is in that moment – coz it changes every single one of them, love.

It’s the paradox of perfection and destruction that holds it all together.

Do all the things.

Regret none of the things, but humbly own your screw ups.

Love unconditionally but don’t take on people’s stuff.

Have the self-respect to say no, unless it’s a heck yes.

Apply this philosophy with everything and everyone, self included.

Because this all ends (obviously, but just in case you forgot).

So turn the corners of your mouth up. Inhale a giant gulp of air, letting it expand your lungs until they feel like bursting and feel the beat of your heart against your hand. You’re human. You’re alive. You’re learning. You’re not meant to have the answers and you’re certainly not meant to be perfect.

We had it all wrong before, but now we’ve got it right. You’re already who you’re meant to be. This track is the right track, trust that your soul knows better than your mind and what it’s up to.

Trust. Be patient. Be compassionate. You’re right on track with being human.

Just be you.

That’s more than good enough.


All my love,


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