Our Spiritual Task Is To Be Human AF | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

The practice of spirituality is to embody LIFE. This absolutely includes owning your humanness. 

Being human means dancing between our innate mystical, infinite consciousness and the very real, very practical sides of life, like, ya know.. feeling our feelings.

The beauty of life is experiencing the full spectrum of what being human has to offer. You can chill out a bit when you know this. It’s not just about ‘doing the work’ so hard that you are constantly attending self-help  seminars and always digging for the next thing to ‘fix’. It’s also not just about beer, pizza and bypassing pain to ‘get on with it’ and miss out on your evolution through becoming intimate with the lessons that your emotions have to offer you.

Being human AF is the balance between.

This is the SECOND video of a new 4-part series called, ‘Being Human‘. I feel we gotta bring it back to the magic of being human, do you feel me? Self-help has become another way for us to pursue perfection — and I reckon being Human AF is pretty fun when we accept our messy, imperfect, humanness.



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