Becoming Unfuckwithable in 60 Minutes

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Become Unfu*kwithable in 60 Minutes

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Meet the author, Amber Hawken:

Amber is an Australian country gal with a big, bold, and audacious heart. A Diploma of Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist are some of the professional qualifications and tools that Amber brings to her work around emotional, mental, and spiritual self-mastery. She is the host of the Podcast and YouTube, Be Unfuckwithable.

Amber’s previous work in medicine, with a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science: Radiation Therapy, eventually steered her to study neuroscience, mind-body connection, and spiritual philosophy. Amber brings both practicality and an open, rational, and well-rounded perspective to everything that she does. She is mischievously antagonistic and facetious as a speaker, writer, and mentor, dedicated to helping people find what it is that they stand for within themselves and in life. She uses what may seem like counter intuitive approach to self-help. Amber has been single-handedly running her own company of retreats, live events, one on one coaching, and online programs for half a decade giving her tremendous amounts of experience and excellent success rates with over a thousand clients.

Amber’s education, work, and relationships contribute to the genuine wisdom and expertise in everything that she teaches

"Amber has this incredible way of awakening your soul, inspiring you to take control of your life and to own every inch of who you are."

Ellen Travassaros

"The best thing about Amber is, you know change is about to happen at a new level. After working with her, I am so empowered. I recognise my gifts and true potential and have completely changed my thinking. My life is so much more fulfilling instead of shallow and uncertain. My mind is my greatest tool and she taught me this so well."

Andrea Thorpe

"Amber has a unique ability to really understand human fulfillment and what it takes to make necessary changes to live an extraordinary life"

Kristie Ord

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Hey there, I am thrilled to share Be Unfuckwithable (BU) with you. The online life bible that's more important than yoga, wine or choosing the perfect Tinder profile. 

It's for those who are not willing to settle for anything less than a remarkable life.

Whether you’re finally ready to be someone that you actually like, or wanting to take your already discovered potential to the next level, I'm here to help turn your Pinterest quotes into a life that you can touch and feel.

After successfully mentoring thousands of inspired life enthusiasts around the world to gain mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, my deepest aspiration is for BU to do the same for you.

Saraya Kirby

It has a way of cutting through the BS and nurturing change that gets real life changing results.

Darren Elliott

This book is like your modern day alchemist. It helps you on your journey of self discovery and empowers you to follow your dreams.