Be You E-Course

Are you ready to interrupt bullshit patterns, create a life map that inspires you and breakthrough every area of your life, to create success and freedom? Good, you're in the right place. Our philosophy here goes on repeat:

Dig - Discover - Dream - Decide - Do


Welcome to Be You - An E-course to last a lifetime.

Hey there, I am thrilled to share Be You with you.

Be You is an online self-mastery program that is comprised of the most comprehensive master tools and techniques to take you from where you are now and accelerate your transformation through every area of your life.

It's for those who want to master every area of life and live with accelerated success, inspiration and empowered actions in all they do.

Be You shows you exactly how to master your mind, emotions and spiritual fulfillment. It gives you the exact steps to master peak performance using the most effective and long lasting breakthrough techniques. It put you in the drivers seat, and is more comprehensive than most coaching certification courses.

Whether you’re finally ready to be someone that you actually like, or wanting to take your already discovered potential to the next level, I'm here to help turn your Pinterest quotes into a life that you can touch and feel.

After successfully mentoring thousands of inspired life enthusiasts around the world to gain mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, my deepest aspiration is for Be You to do the same for you.


In a nutshell..

You'll be so well equipped to create a remarkable life, full of badassery, inner peace and worthiness that even Wonder Woman and Clark Kent will be intimidated by you. You will be able to create massive mental and emotional shifts that produce lasting change in your life including increased confidence, self-worth, discipline and inner strength, inspiration to pursue your dreams, loving relationships, financial growth, empowered communication, health and wellbeing and more.
Meet Your Mentor, Amber Hawken

Amber is an Australian country gal with a big, bold and audacious heart. Her writing, speaking and coaching is dedicated to helping people find what it is they stand for and through self mastery, enables them to find their back bone again and live an extraordinary life of their very own creation (not someone else’s version of perfect). 

She has been running her own company of retreats, live events and online coaching single-handedly since the age of 23, and now reaches over 80,000 people per month across her YouTube channel, podcast and social media platforms.

She’s the author of The Unfu*kwithable Life, has been featured on stages in front of more than 20,000 people and worked with over 1,000 clients who can attest to her specialty of blunt force trauma to the ego, tools for emotional mastery and healing, and her wisdom for spiritual connection.

"The best thing about Amber is, you know change is about to happen at a new level. After working with her, I am so empowered. I recognise my gifts and true potential and have completely changed my thinking. My life is so much more fulfilling instead of shallow and uncertain. My mind is my greatest tool and she taught me this so well."

Andrea Thorpe

"Amber has an amazing ability to help you connect you to your inner self and your core existence. She is able to help you identify and break down the barriers that you have created and accepted and provide you the tools to help build and move forward. She does this in a beautifully honest and caring way to encourage you that it is hard but your are amazing. Amber helped me move from a place of unhappiness and aloneness to embracing me. She has helped me control my emotions and thoughts to change my life."

Jess Laird

"Amber has this incredible way of awakening your soul, inspiring you to take control of your life and to own every inch of who you are."

Ellen Travassaros

Here Are The 9 Modules Laid Out

There are 9 components to the course: 7 Codes plus an intro and debrief sessions. You can go at your own pace and access it all at once, anytime.

The lessons you’ll learn will stay with you long past that intro period. Life comes and goes in cycles, and self-awareness always helps.

Below I have simplified the modules, because it’s important to me that you know what you will be learning.

Remember, a lot of these come with invaluable breakthrough techniques that I've learnt through being a re-patterning therapist, NLP practitioner and Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and have produced most of the successful results of the thousands of people I have worked with.


    Component 1: 
    Mapping Out Your Success

    There is nothing that annoys me more than when I start something and don't finish. So not only is this accessible for life, so you can repeat and go deeper each time, I have included techniques and strategies that prevent the kind 'giving up' sabotage that most people face when trying to improve their lives.

    - Anti-Sabotage Breakthrough Exercise

    - Goals + Scheduling


      Code 1: 
      Be Fearlessly Authentic

      Strip back all the dishonest layers of who you thought you were, who you think you need to be, what you think you need to do and say and act like and dress like, and how you think that you need to live.

      How to do you do this?  

      Work through shame, anxieties, and self-doubt. Access vulnerability, and, most of all, find an invincible peace within yourself. To be fearlessly authentic is to live congruently with your truest values despite the fear that so naturally resides within our human existence.

      - Get crystal clear on who you really are (seriously)

      - Never care what others think again

      - Understanding why inauthenticity is the toxicity of everyone’s life

      - How to determine what's not 'you' - Embracing vulnerability

      - Release guilt and shame from the past to live freely

      - What you have been told about the ego is all wrong

      - Soul - what the bloody hell is it?

      - How you are NOT your mind, but we definitely need to use it

      - How being human is something you need to accept to finally be happy


        Code 2: 
        Love & Accept Yourself, Unapologetically

        End the internal battle that leads you to sabotage and shrink away from your potential. Tap into conscious awareness. Let go of the victim mentality. Let go of blame, guilt, resentment, and fear that is holding you back. Nurture the titanium strength of kindness and compassion. No Jedi mind games with your insecurities, stop sabotaging yourself. Phew. And thus…

        - Why you never want to judge others

        - Stop the negative feedback loop in your mind

        - A simple tool to surrender instead of always fighting against life

        - Learn to let go of the need for approval from the world around you

        - Go from "I am not X enough" to feeling fabulously worthy

        - Creating balance and stability instead of a roller coaster life

        - The link between what we don't want and what we attract into our life

        - Why forgiveness and compassion aren't real, but they'll still set you free

        - Healing from a painful past


          Code 3: 
          Lead With Your Heart (Assisted By Your Head)

          Build your life from creativity and purpose instead of approaching it with suspicion and agonizing doubt. Instead of fear shutting you down, allow it to light you up. Embrace the age old battle between what we value and what our minds say we should value. Find out what it is that you want to do with your life in each moment, and discover how the bloody hell to find the courage to do it. This code is truly the difference between existence and living. Grind, but flow with grace.

          - Realising having a purpose driven life isn't 'woo-woo,' it's highly necessary

          - Discovering what you genuinely value

          - How to face fear, failure and frustration

          - Short term stimulation vs. long term gratification

          - Use the mind; don’t let it use you

          - Learning to never be influenced by the opinion and fear of others

          - Why thinking is useless without feeling - Creating a purpose statement that will make your knees weak and isn't about what you 'do'

          - Why being selfish is necessary for fulfilment

          - Discovering the ultimate failure of motivation

          - How to generate endless inspiration


            Code 4:
            Feel It, Free It

            Detox emotionally, man. Get that build-up of suppressed emotions that are creating noxious environments in your body, disrupting your life, and stimulating an undercurrent of emotional turbulence that has become so familiar that heaviness is normal. Learn how to let it go. Learn how to work with emotions, create a healthy relationship with this very normal human part of us, and discover how to listen to them. Dig up what needs to be released. Be able to express your emotions rather than projecting them or being run by them.

            - A proven method for going deeper than you’ve gone into emotions safely and without being weird

            - Innovative techniques to come out of any funk

            - Understanding depression and suffering

            - Ending emotionally driven sabotage habits

            - Learning the true purpose of emotions

            - A strategy for 'feeling', instead of getting caught up and spiralling

            - Instructions for an emotional detox

            - Learning to balance between victim and honouring emotions

            - Being in charge of your emotions

            - Learning to trust and let go of fear


              Code 5: 
              Get Connected

              Seek connection. And I do not mean your thumb to your phone screen scrolling through Facebook or your hands on a glass of Pinot Grigio. Find a connection to your purpose, connection to your breath, and connection to inspiration, calmness, intuition and life force. Connect to how to be utterly right here right now, living. No planning, no thinking, no over-analysing, just live your life. And when you do think, it will come from a place of love and inspiration not from a place of fear of the past or want for the future. Everything you ever need is in that space.

              - Never feel alone again by understanding loneliness

              - Why we really cannot ‘stop’ (and how to)

              - My unorthodox approach to meditation that works for anyone

              - A strategy for easy and intuitive decision-making

              - Creativity through stopping

              - The key difference between spirituality and reality

              - Accessing creativity every day for joy and happiness

              - The fundamental difference between adrenaline and flow

              - How success comes when you stop 'trying' so hard at life


                Code 6: 
                Choose Love

                Learn to live in a state of awareness of your mind’s constant fabricated story about how rejection and failure surround every decision that you make. Figure what the heck love is, not the romantic kind but the kind that will make you fall deeply in love with life. Live openly, screw superficial stimulation and short-term fixes. Reveal to yourself your divinity, and revere in the essence that all beings reflect this inherent element of the divine. 

                Strategies for choosing love over fear

                - Realising love is not a romantic term, but a choice

                - When others don’t love themselves and how to handle their discomfort - Love without attachment

                - Learning to choose love

                - Losing what doesn’t serve us by loving ourselves

                - End the battle of big up and downs emotionally and in life

                - Stop wasting time on worry

                - Reverse engineer fear to move through it

                - How to open a closed heart and move forward


                  Code 7: 
                  Nurture Your Wild Side

                  Break through old conditioning; bring forth strength and depth into your every day; make your new mindset something tangible with action steps and palpable wisdom that you can weave into life.

                  These seven codes can serve as anchor questions. When you find yourself in a life pickle, you can learn to ask:

                  Am I just being me right now?

                  Am I choosing love?

                  Have I loved and accepted unconditionally?

                  I wrote my book how I would talk to my best friend. I wanted to write something simple, light, and practical that anyone can read and take inspired action, be it changing the way that they think or changing what they are doing.

                  I felt there were so many options for people who are already on the search and feel they’re connected, but what about people who are still figuring this shit out? Because I know I still am, and probably always will be. I need reminding of who I am and how to return to that place all the time.

                  -  How to live life with inspiration, like you mean it

                  - Stop wasting your potential through stories—end them now

                  - Let go of your need to fill yourself up with 'things'

                  - Learning to use pain like a detective instead of avoiding it

                  - Learn to lean on you, not need others to hold you up all the time

                  - Don't let people walk all over you

                  - Learn to create happiness, instead of always feeling like you are chasing it

                  - Why an outstanding life is one little action at a time

                  - Practice walking through discomfort and fear


                    Component 8: 
                    Debrief, 'what's next', social celebrations

                    - Reflect and debrief—not the boring kind, the fun kind where you feel awesome and realise it's okay that there is always another layer we can peel back next time

                    - Celebrate and re-assess

                    "Amber has a unique ability to really understand human fulfillment and what it takes to make necessary changes to live an extraordinary life"

                    Krsitie Ord

                    "When I think of Amber as a mentor there are four words that come to mind. Empower, educate, passion and transform. Her ability to see through your self taught limits, is incredibly impressive and accurate. Her knowledge is above any coach, guide, mentor or “personal development guru” I’ve come across. The greatest lifetime investment I have ever made"

                    Kylie Hobson

                    "Amber has an incredible gift at public speaking & mentorship. She not only at understands human behavior in a fun and engaging way which she passionately and effectively communicates that knowledge, she also gives us the tools to be able to apply this into our lives so we can be our best mentally and physically."

                    Emily Skye

                    What’s Included

                    9 Modules including videos (and audio of the videos for multitasking convenience) and downloadable exercises with step by step instructions.
                    + Lifetime Access to the Course - no matter how much content I add to it in future. 
                    How Will I Learn?

                    Rest assured, I cannot stand webinars and online workshops that drag on for 90 minutes. For my sanity and your convenience I broke the content into punchy, digestible videos. Each lesson is between 10-20 minutes long. I wanted to deliver value, but also make it actionable. It’s important that you avoid anxiety, overwhelm and thinking burnout. All videos also come with the audio version for the convenience of multi-tasking whilst learning.  

                    I thought ahead. Knowing we are all tech savvy these days I have made it accessible on multiple platforms. Inside the members’ area you can watch the videos, download the audio and PDF exercises pages and more! 

                    All The Questions You Want To Know

                    How Much Time Will I Need?

                    It varies, but each Code has about 7-10 short videos, that also come in audio format that allow you too learn on the go.

                    Including going through all the video/audio content, taking notes, integrating new habits, doing the exercises and debriefing, I suggest scheduling in 3 hours a week if you are going to follow one module per week.

                    This is a—you get out what you put in course— so you can simply watch the videos/listen to the audio or you can go guns blazing on all your exercises and repeat each section multiple times.

                    Some of the lessons can get pretty deep, so going over it is recommended and is also why I give lifetime access. Repetition is the mother of skill and we have layers of limitations that you can continue to move through, break through and transform forever. Like I said; this is a lifetime investment.

                    When Do I Get Content Access

                    As soon as you sign up - it's all there waiting for you!

                    Can I go at my own pace?

                    Yep! Going at your own pace is the best part. Sometimes we feel like we don't need any kind of support, but we all know that problems never stop, we just learn to deal with them better. So this course is both a prevention and solution. Life happens. We get it, you can take as long or goes as fast as you like. All the modules are available to you once you sign up.

                    Can I access the content all at once?

                    Yes, once your payment is processed you will have access to the entire course content.


                    How do I know it's for me?

                    Whether your dreams are to be an immaterial soul seeker and finder, a billionaire entrepreneur or anything in between, you’ll need to master the art of authenticity if you want to get there, with a lot less friction, stress, sabotage and anxiety.  

                    Are you someone who, without a push, would probably just keep doing the same old thing over and over, and justify it as ‘okay’ when really, you’re settling?

                    Would you like to practically learn the strategies for making consistent improvement on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, vocational (work) and relationship level, through understanding yourself and mastering simple tools to discover your wisdom, and make achievable and permanent change? 

                    Do you have a beating heart? Are you okay with straight shooting advice? 

                    Will you be comfortable with the occasional blunt style of communication and language?

                    Then yes, it could really be the program for you.

                    Be You Will Revolutionise How You Experience Life On A Day To Day Basis

                    I believe all people deserve to have an exceptional life. Not one that just feels good when sipping back a wine with friends or finally taking two weeks off the job you run yourself into the ground for. No, instead, to have a life that yields memories that you are proud of, that inspires you and that feels incredibly form the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep.

                    What’s more important is that the practical information that you’ll learn is versatile and applicable to the difficult decisions, harsh realities, and sudden setbacks that are reality in this life.

                    You can apply the 7 Codes in your own life or use the information you’ll receive to help others. The tools and techniques in this program won't stop those moments, they'll simply allow you to effortlessly move through them without stress, self doubt, anxiety and worry.

                    If you’re finding that it’s more difficult to find commitment to your authentic values, balanced happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment in your life…

                    If you or someone you know struggles with stress, self doubt and sabotage…

                    And if you can’t remember the last time you’ve done something just for you…

                    Then you need to grab yourself a spot in Be You to discover how you can take back control of your life.


                     $470 AUD

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