32 | Angel Phoenix Arsenal | Awareness Of Darkness Brought To Light | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Let’s talk about Reclaiming Anger!

My guest today is truly in the business of challenging the status quo, and in her own words, gets even the most stubborn of us grooving into an ass shaking + move making state of mind.

Angel Phoenix Arsenal (previously known as Angela Gallo) is on the podcast today with myself and my biz sidekick Tara Caetano (stay tuned for an upcoming solo nterview with her soon), to help us reclaim our anger and open our minds up to our privilege, in a way that activates change for the future.

A little more about Angel:

  • Angel Phoenix Arsenal is a Melbourne Doula who has turned her obsession with all things birth, motherhood, sexuality, women’s work, social media, justice-for-all, personal growth, passionate professional development and challenging-the-status-quo mindset, into an empire of inspiration.

  • She is gregariously enthusiastic about creating monumental spaces where cis women, non-binary
    and/or non cisgendered women can come to play in BIG ways. She is also infatuated with all things powerful business strategy and principles, as well as the positively productive use of social media to successful, amplify your brand and business. Her instagram @the_angela_gallo is most certainly a playground of inspiration that you must explore.

  • Angel also trains Doulas. And not just any kind of Doulas, either. Fierce, impassioned, unique, devoted-to-the-cause, resilient, visionary, trailblazer type of Doulas – the kind committed to bringing the humanity, connection and compassion back to a multitude of thresholds Doulas hold space for. Doulas who travel to the brinks of places where all hope is lost, and bring humanity back to the barren. 

In this episode we dive into:

  • Demystifying the topics of oppression, self-suppression and the ways we have been taught to feel unsafe in our anger
  • How the “good girl” mentality and not feeling ‘oppressed enough’ keeps us from participating in conversations that need to be had
  • How anger serves a purpose in activating change, and how not engaging with the oppressive nature of our society is privilege in full action
  • How to discover what you’re truly passionate about
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your anger, in a way that amplifies your work and cultivates confidence and conviction, vs. keeping yourself in a counter productive victim mindset



Each episode of The Amber Hawken Podcast comes with a challenge and in this episode Angel challenges you to have the hard conversations:

How can you initiate the uncomfortable conversations, both in real life and on social media?

How can you ask better of those you know? Where are you letting things slide?

How can you back these conversations up with action?

Email hello@amberhawken.com and tell us about your results and or experience with this (we may not reply, but always here to listen and keep you energetically accountable).

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More epic episode are on the way. Until then…