Are You Trapped In a Toxic and Dysfunctional Relationship With Yourself | Video

Are You in a Dysfunctional Relationship With Yourself?

When dysfunction is playing out, it almost always appears normal and requires humility to spot and shift. In this video, I go very deep into the driving force behind personal practices of development, spiritual growth and healing that lead to bypassing, disassociation and ignorance.

In this video, I cover:

  • How to identify if you are in a dysfunctional relationship with yourself.
  • And if you are, how to begin unpacking the dysfunction, dissolve resistance and move into a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • A question that can prompt insight into any possible dysfunction playing out and unravel beliefs and blueprints keep you looping in circles (that you don’t realise are playing out).
  • How dysfunction looks functional and some real-life examples so you can enquire into your shadows.
  • What bypassing looks like concerning practices and ‘doing the work’.
  • A reminder about what life has to offer and the necessity to recognise the fullness available in the mundane, ordinary, everyday living.
  • How growth and spiritual practices intended to expand our self-connection can create perpetual dissatisfaction and disconnection.
  • What healthy looks and feels like and how you can begin to move towards living from that place.

There is so much more in here but these are the main points that I then dive into further in the video. Check it out and let me know with a comment below if there are any light bulbs or points that resonate.

This is SUCH a pertinent topic. As the wave of increased awareness in the collective grows, as does the shadow. If you find yourself on a continuous path of growth, this video and the questions I offer are a must to ensure you aren’t stuck in the trap of methods, masks and covert dysfunction.




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  1. Everything in your video is exactly me! The life in me wants to come out… the disfunction I know is so apparently not who I am! Thank you!

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