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Thank you so much for purchasing your copy of The Unfu*kwithable Life. Below you can download your BONUS book, Amplify.


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Amplify – The Book

Raise your voice, boost your brand & grow your business

Did you know that every single customer conversion in your business has happened as the result of a conversation?

Ronsley will show you his 7-step framework to utilise and leverage the power of conversation which will, in turn,dramatically accelerate your business growth.

In AMPLIFY you will learn how to:

  • Grab the attention of your target market, keep them engaged and convert them to paying clients
  • Overcome customer objections to eliminate difficult sales conversations
  • Break through the noise in a crowded market, or break ground in a brand new market
  • Implement the 7 strategic traits that will fast-track your reach as an industry influencer
  • Avoid the major business growth mistakes that eat up your profit and prevent you from creating the success you deserve

Whether you have a small business or a large one, AMPLIFY is a must-read for any entrepreneur who is ready to grow their audience, increase their sales and become a market leader.

Amplify Agency

Amplify Agency are a partner of Amber Hawken. Our crossover is a shared value in disruptive conversations, that shift paradigms. Above, is an image taken at the last We Are Podcast conference in 2016 which I spoke that, that Amplify run each year. Ronsley Vaz, is not only a dear friend of mine, he is an incredible human and creative director of the agency. Together we are raising awareness about things that are important to us in this world, including the prevention of sex trafficking and just being you. Your purchase of my book is part of that awareness.

If you would like more information about this years We Are Podcast conference, click here. 

Amplify Agency are an award winning digital marketing agency and Australia’s first audio marketing agency. We also host and run the first podcasting conference in the Southern Hemisphere called We Are Podcast. We like to think that we’re always innovating and thinking of new ways of turning conversation into effective marketing strategies and high-quality content that perfectly reflects your brand.  




Free To Shine

Raising awareness about sex trafficking. 

The purchase of either The Unfu*kwithable Life or Amplify contribute to getting children and women out of se trafficking and into school. 

It is our shared partnership with Free To Shine that make this possible. 

Out of all the 100’s of organisations in Cambodia, none of them at this point, focus on prevention alone in a systemised, focused way. Except, Free To Shine. Free To Shine is a child protection organisation preventing children from being trafficked into the commercial sex industry, in Cambodia. Free To Shine partner with families and communities to keep their children safe. They work with the police, commune and village leaders, councils for women and children, teacher, and school directors. They secure girls’ safety by helping them achieve their rights to access education, safe drinking water, enough food, and adequate shelter.

You can find out more here