Aligned Meditation – Drop In + Power Up | Audio-Blog

We all have different ways of learning but nothing ever beats the embodiment of a practice like well, doin’ it.

So I’ve recorded a 40 minute meditation, Aligned. The most powerful lesson we can ever learn is to come back to ourselves and go from there. That’s what this meditation is about: connection. 

It’s guided the entire time and yes, you can walk/drive and listen, but don’t forget, there is no better self control practice than sitting and being, especially when the mind wants to do and distract. Being fully present in this is more potent.

I talk you through grounding, connecting with self support, creativity, flow, power, love, expression, clear perspective and intuitive knowing. Enjoy the bloody hell out of it.

I talk, teach and encourage meditation and mindfulness constantly. It’s a core part of being a client of mine and the foundation of my other business, Calm Mind Project. It’s the ‘work’ that has no magic pill except practice.

Check it out, you can download and listen here:

This may or may not become a regular thing (audios and meditation) because as much as I love writing and video, I’m feeling pulled to speak, unscripted, unfiltered and take you right back to you.

I would love to know once you’ve listened how your experience was. Comment below or email and let me what your experience was and/or what kind of meditation you’d like to receive from me in the future.