A Love Letter From The Universe | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

If COVID-19 had a voice it might just say…

Pause, humans.

Go inward.

Connect with source.

And nourish yourself with it.

It’s time for you to learn to come HOME again.

Now, while you do that — it’s time for me, the Universe acting undercover as COVID-19, to do a little house cleaning while you go to human’ing school.

Which, in a nutshell when you’ve graduated, you will have embodied connection with your inner source through presence.

This connection is the river of vitality available at any moment.

It’s the fullness you try to seek in booze, drugs, sex and food.

It’s the power you try to grasp for through intimidation, status and influence.

It’s the love you’re searching for in anything except your own heart.

All you ever needed to do was go inward and calm those waters, dance with your inner winds, breathe in the fire and earth into your being.

We are helping you cultivate the skill of opening your heart.

Loving when you want to judge.

Expanding when you want to contract.

Remaining still when you want to run.

Staying open when you want to close.

You will know when your heart is closed because your energy will drop.

Think back to a time you closed to a loved one, and the spike in vitality that ensued the moment the connection was restored.

That vitality is available for each moment when you are open to you and to me, the Universe.

It is time to release those old control dramas and surrender to the invisible stairs that appear when you step forward with trust in your open heart led by the charm of joy.


We gave you JOY as a compass.

It’s like the carrot in front of the donkey except you’re the donkey and the carrot is a ‘goal’ that within its pursuit, holds the obstacles that will elevate and evolve your consciousness.

Please, stop. Just hit pause for now.

Anchor in your centre, feel your own being through a non-judgmental presence in your body, nourish yourself from this source and then expand your awareness to the magnificence of life.

A side note — you will fu*k this up over and over again.

That’s all part of it.

Feeling what love and joy are not, allows you to feel what they are.

Fear reminds you; you are love.

Emptiness is asking you to return to your joy.

At times you will want to run back to the comfort of what you know; avoidance, disassociation through talking, thinking

and stimulating, to avoid that grief and letting go.

You need to just do this one thing.


Let yourself stop, drop and feel.

Often, the most simple tools are the most powerful and underestimated.

Breathing, sighing, touching, moving and holding yourself until you’re grounded, feeling safe in yourself and can simply let go so healing can ensue.

This is somatic intelligence in action.

This situation is also here to remind you, I, the Universe, gave you the power of choice.

You will know when you are not using it as you will feel like a victim to the world around you; powerless and helpless to change.

You can exercise choice to shift the filter of how you see the world around you.

You can exercise choice to shift the filter of how you see the world around you.

This will then dictate how you experience life and determine what you feel.

Which then, through presence, develops into energy (your energy).

This energy drives your actions and sends a ripple outward, which echos back at you in the form of feelings, people and situations.

In other words: your energy determines your life.

Energy is known to physicists as frequency and often interchanged with ‘vibration’.

Your vibration is key. It’s how you co-create with me.

Contraction = fear. All you need to do in those moments is let go, come back to your body, come back to presence and BAM! You’re

home again.

Openness = love. Grounded in being, so that the doing unfolds naturally.

Life lived from an open, relaxed state of receiving, anchored in a purpose to serve the greater good in unity.

We are trying to show you that what you see, and what’s happening in the world right now is simply a reflection of what’s happening inside YOU as a COLLECTIVE.

We wish you to dissolve your differences and cultivate collective unity and connection.

Again, please chill.

Let pachamama restore.

You’ve been loud and argued a lot about right and wrong.

We had to intervene because you kept locking heads in pride, ego and selfish ways that drove you to turn against one another.

So take a gentle seat and begin to watch.

Learn to listen.

To self.

To source.

To each other.

In this, you will learn that you’re all you’ve ever been looking for.

Source connection that fills you up is within.

In your out-sourcing, you’ve destroyed the planet, each other and forgotten you’re the fucking miracle, baby.

Remember — mistakes are allowed.

Compassion! Compassion! Compassion!

Act from love.

Be love.

It is, after all, your very nature.

This is the universal truth.

Love, the Universe x

Maybe this message was for me, Amber Hawken. Maybe some of you could relate. Either way, I feel the message coming through is simple; embody presence, feeling and the power of choice; radical responsibility.

The human experience is inextricably grounded in the infinite cycle of birth, life and death.

And in my opinion, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

With love,



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