Alchemy Retreat Feb 2020 | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Alchemise your fears

Twice a year myself and this guy (above), and a few other amazing facilitators of breathwork, somatic healing, dynamic meditation, primitive movement, yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition and psychology, meditation, sound healing, sweat lodging and frequency lifting, and we create a space we like to call home for 12 women. 

Words can’t describe how it has changed my life. The whole experience is life changing. Words I’d use to describe it – love- bliss- surrender – let go – growth – support – sisterhood -alive. Thank you so much for opening up my world and pointing me in the direction I’ve been waiting to connect to. Thank you for helping me live my best life. You are fucking priceless and I love you – Jess Dooley

This is what you may have seen as my Alchemy Retreats. I run two a year and we’ve just released four more places. It’s on the Sunshine Coast on the 27th of Feb, 2020. You’re invited to apply now if this is landing with you. Book a call here. 
We support you to: 
Alchemise fear into courage.
Control into connection. 
Scarcity into abundance. 
Doubt into trust.
Resistance into flow. 
Pride into humility. 
Judgment into surrender. 
I can see now that no matter how many books, podcasts or articles you soak up the real work is in the doing and showing up. This can be terrifying but I have learnt that pushing past my edge and facing my fears is where the real growth lies. I have never felt more empowered in life. – Karen Patterson
All those parts of yourself that you’ve skipped past, overlooked, ignored, played cool about or even strived over consciously or unconsciously are given the space and safety they need in order to be seen, felt and heard. 
Because, from a space of transcendence, clarity is born. 
And that, loves, is how we take strong, intuitive and deeply feeling powerful (but generally overly busy, over-servicing, controlling, emotionally guarded) women, and unleash them unto themselves. Into their deliciousness and show them practical ways to create a life that’s alive with their unique values, purpose-filled and divinely content from within. 
We spend three nights and four days together and eight weeks (four either side of the retreat) in an online group that guides you into preparation into the retreat and supports re-integration afterwards. 
The wisdom/knowledge/experience – you cannot put a price on it. Amber’s ability to hold the space and support you in pushing through your comfort zone is something I have never found before, and something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Signing up with Amber is handsdown the scariest and most empowering thing I have ever done in my life. It changed my life.  – Brooke Millers
We teach the tools, wisdom and give you the experience of sovereignty, by taking you through a variety of different processes, actives, workshops and experiences that strip back everything that’s preventing you from being fully awake and fully alive in your life.
Our goal is to take you back to your most pure and natural state so you remember who you are and where that space is inside of yourself. We remind you that beyond what you think and how you grind in life, another depth exists.
Choosing to attend Alchemy with Amber has changed my literal life in so many incredibly inspiring ways. She’s put air under my wings, shown, supported and taught me how to come back to myself always, to trust myself and that my gut is my most valuable source of direction – and how to tap into that energy in the most loving, open and fearless way. What I have learnt from working with Amber would likely have never just fallen in my lap, and the current abundance that I am living in, this dreamy life that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real – it’s all mine to enjoy thanks to this work. – Natasha Selvadurai
We don’t fish for you, we show you how. So for life, you remember your way home and never ever ever ever forget it. 
There are no secrets here, it’s not about being special, or having something no one else has. Its actually much more raw, basic and practical than that.
This is you, with you. Alongside others, with themselves. Interdependent, heart open, clear-minded women in their power. And with that, you’re able to know who you are, get clear you genuinely want and tap into confidence and clarity that enables you to ground your values, personal goals and dreams into a life you can touch and feel. 
All of this is completed on a lush scared land of rolling hills, clear lakes, where the bushland meets the forest and the views take your breath away. 
Amber can help you to find what it is that you don’t know or help to make it clearer…to give you get the skills or the ‘how to’. Amber will ‘see you’ and show you what you need to know. Just go ahead and take the leap..It’s an amazing ride. – Sarah Zarew
We live, eat, shed, expand, laugh, cry, move, hold, dive deep and accelerate into high vibrations as a grounded and connected and crew that walk away with a family they met only days before. 
If you’d like to join us, you can apply – also known as a casual phone chat with me where I get to know you and we feel into it this is for you. 
We’re thorough, we have a great sense of humour and it’s our intention to ensure you’ve cultivated a deep sense of self-actualisation to continue exponential growth and transformation in your life, in all areas for the rest of your life. 
Applications close Dec 20th.
Amber will take you on an incredible journey to break down the shit talk that’s preventing you from entering into the life you so deserve! Invest in yourself because you are worth it! Stop waiting for a sign, because this is it! Take the leap of faith and trust your gut! You won’t regret making this decision just for you – Anna Raymond
Let’s do it. Grab a time to speak with me here. I will be in touch before the call with a few questions.


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