41 | Alana Fairchild | Listening To The Souls Truth | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Fear screams, while the soul whispers…

The skill of listening to your soul is subtle and sublime and Alana and I dive right into the different ways in which humans both sever and can reconnect to the very source of our own soul.

It’s as practical and human a conversation as you can imagine with a being who was once a lawyer and now a world-renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author, inspiring a devoted following of her work.

Alana’s beautiful, extensive and highly original body of work includes oracle decks, books and powerful online healer training program. 

This episode is published with the intention to help you wake up to what you may not even realise has fallen asleep. It’s often the root of all these outer habits that keep us distracted and unfulfilled.

Some of the powerful points we cover include:

  • A down to earth insight into oracle decks and channeling spirit,
  • Cultivating trust in something greater than yourself,
  • Expanding our capacity to evolve into our purpose,
  • Following the cosmic breadcrumbs and getting out of our own way,
  • How to explore different truths and versions of your beliefs and life,
  • Moving beyond what we ‘know’ into,
  • Why struggle tends to lead to awakening (even if it is not necessary),
  • The shit in your life fertilising the new paths in your life,
  • Listening to a different language to know without knowing how you know,
  • Working with the triggers of releasing only logical way go proceeding forward in life,
  • Disconnect from our truth causing the suffering,
  • A business approach that is more tuned into a feminine creative flow rather than force and plan it all,
  • The intricacy of the vision (control of outcome) needs releasing in order for the greater intelligence to do its work,
  • An innate higher order that appears to be random is an opportunity to trust self and our own journey,
  • Understanding the signs and guidance from divine beings and the necessity to strengthen our connection to source,
  • Mindset is a foundational part of inviting in support and relationships with something greater than ourselves,
  • Asking for support is vital, simple and smart, and
  • Plug-in and say thank you!

Find the episode below and please comment with your biggest takeaways once you have had a listen.

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