I've worked with humans for more than a decade. I reverence our natural ability to emotionally and mentally self heal and spiritually actualise. In all I do, I aim to restore in each person this innate intelligence.

Articulating what I do can prove difficult since leaving western medicine (Bach MedSci).

Formalised headings can distort the critical thinking of those looking to heal, grow exponentially, generate and create. My formal qualifications are further below. First, a short snapshot of the more personal developments of my career.

After leaving the hospital as a Radiation Therapist in 2012, I chose not to enter back down the rabbit hole of red tape and reductionistic processes to human beings *healing*.

In saying this, I respect the need for regulation and honour the necessity of integrity to uphold "do no harm". 

I left my love for biology and physics at the Oncology ward. I transitioned my career toward behavioural therapy, personal healing, self-actualisation and creative and purposeful expression.

I explored ancient cultures, different dimensions and bridged east and west. With a pragmatic mind and a country girl spirit, I have a unique blend of practical and down to earth approaches to the arena of therapy, embodied healing, integration, energy and consciousness.

The result is a collection of various Qualifications from both east and west cultures. But more importantly (to me), exceptional mentors, teachers and Elders who have worked their fields for decades and bestowed priceless wisdom and kept my humility high and ego in check.

The Alchemy Retreats I host bi-annually for both men and women are the physical manifestation of the above-mentioned holistic modalities I've trained in and refined over the last decade. This includes a strong focus on co-facilitation with other therapists, healers and masters of their field. Power relationships and connections with multiple facilitators have led to a bulletproof foundation for an integrated rite of passage much needed in the west.

My work with intimate groups and more extensive online programs supports people to practically apply the universal principles of the divine matrix into creative purpose, wealth, and relationships.

I am at this sweet spot in my career where healing flows into creative work and business for many of my clients. My offerings like SuperCharged and THRILLS inc focus on the core elements of the marriage between mastering energetic work with grounded and aligned action in life.

The more formal parts of my qualifications include:

A Bachelor of Medical Science, A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist, Functional Breathwork Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Pranayama Teacher and a Practitioner of The Melchizedek Method.

A project I began in 2017, Calm Mind Co (as of Jan 2022) is in the final stages of developing an app. It will teach people exactly how to restore their natural breathing mechanism and innate intelligence alive in each of us to cultivate what I call the five C's. Calm, Clarity, Connection, Creativity and Consciousness.

I wrote a number one best selling book what feels like eons ago, The Unfu*kwithable Life. While the variation of me who wrote it then is long gone, the principles I teach are much the same. As you gain wrinkles, the transference of teachings comes with more grace and wisdom.

I have a podcast that requires more love and consistency at times but has some of the most transformational conversations I've ever had online (The Amber Hawken Podcast). I am also active on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. It's an honour to have you read a little into my world and have you here.

Amber Hawken