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What’s up friend?

I was trying to explain this exercise in writing and it got too messy.

It’s so simple, however it needed some context to go with it that was just too deep to place in words. Especially since I have my “London 30th” waiting for me (as in my friends in London want to take me out for waving bye to my twenties three weeks ago).

The more we grow, the more those deeply buried blocks show themselves.

The past few weeks I’ve had thoughts that are continuously questioning my worthiness. The old imposter upper limit that sets in at times, trying to keep us little. You know, classic collective conditioning.

It’s can be such a jerk and interrupt my flow so I decided to consult one of my rather magical teachers and we spoke about divination and fear.

I’ve been using this excruciatingly simple tool for a few weeks and I am feeling light and these low vibe energies and heaviness leave my being, clear from my neurological wiring and my cellular memory shifting.

I wanted to share it with you.

Listen here:

Warning: this requires you to release all beliefs about what it takes to work through “blocks”. It’s simple and the victim mind will want it to be  much harder. Just a heads up so when you hear that in your head you can laugh it off.

Letting go and healing are so much less about hard work in the actual releasing, and so much more about moving through the unknown spaciousness of it’s absence. You have to bear the light within, and for the mind dependant on classifying who you are by what has happened, what you believe and what you feel, that’s terrifying.

Finally, trust yourself.

If this is for you, perfect,

If its not, perfect.

Trust yourself.


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