7 Things Men Want | BU EP#9 | Just Be You | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

I want to be straight with you:

I am not the expert on this topic, I am simply sharing the wisdom of other experts, with a little bit of my own professional human psychology experience, whipped into the mix.
This video is based on the research results of professionals in relationship psychology and coaching answers from questionnaires from a few hundred men and the influence and teachings of John Wineland and David Deida.
As much as we collectively strive for gender equality, it’s completely possible to have a conditioned bias as a female, listening to a man telling us what ‘they’ want, which may mean this powerful wisdom (shared by a man) may unconsciously land on deaf ears, so to speak.
Also, I am an avid supporter of transgender, gay and lesbian love (love is love, right?), so in the wise words (summarised) of David Deida: “it doesn’t matter if both partners are men or both are women. It doesn’t matter if, in a heterosexual relationship the man plays the feminine pole and the woman pays the masculine pole”.
To avoid too much confusion and not getting my tongue tied too much, I say 'male' and 'female'; as in, a heterosexual relationship. But know that what really matters is not who is what gender or the stage or type of relationship (freshly dating, exploring, married for a decade, polygamous/monogamous etc), but what is important is the difference in the polarity of the masculine and the feminine energies between people.
I was actually quite nervous doing this video and nearly didn't post it. (It's why my hair is blonde as I shot it months ago) and in my nervousness, I sometimes say ‘male’ and ‘female’ energy/essence, when it would be more correct for me to have said, 'masculine' and 'feminine'.
Energies are not gender based. Both polarities exist within us all and can shift even daily between partnerships. The idea of this is to help you create attraction. So many people complain that the 'intimacy is gone'. Women are complaining that men these days are 'weak' and men are complaining than woman are 'intimidating'. A difference in polarity isn't required for ‘love’ but it is necessary for a deeper attraction and intimacy. It's the sameness in energy that neutralises attraction. The bigger the difference in the polarities, the bigger the attraction - like magnets.
Finally, I am not attempting to assume I am 100% correct or that these are the only ways the increase polarities. Nor am I ignorant to the fact that there may be individual issues within a person that may contribute to a connection break down within a relationship.   

Love is love..

I am also not intending to speak solely on the behalf of all ‘masculine’ energies or all ‘men’, or the dominating masculine partner in transgender, gay and lesbian couples. I simply want to give a voice to what I feel is a much-needed insight into energetic polarities that could potentially create, grow, nurture and save relationships.
I hope you enjoy!! Pass it on and throw me a comment about what you thought of this video!

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